Medication will only be administered to pupils with chronic medical conditions (i.e. long term conditions).  If your child needs medication during school hours, you MUST complete a form, available from the school office or you can download by clicking on the links below, saying what medicines are to be given and for how long.  The medicines must be in a container with the child’s name, class and the dosage clearly marked on the outside.  Inhalers should be similarly marked. The medicines should have a patient information sticker displayed on the packaging with the child’s name and prescribed dose.  The medicines will be stored securely in the Medical Room and administered from there. Please note, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that all medication kept in school is within its expiry date.

School staff have no obligation to administer medicine for occasional illnesses e.g. Calpol, Amoxicillin, or any prescription or non-prescription drug.  Pupils should stay at home until they are well and strong enough to come to school.  In the event of courses of medicine needing to be completed, parents should (where possible) judge timings to avoid the hours between 9am– 3pm.

Please note, for safety reasons, no medications should not be kept in children's schoolbags and adults should hand the medication in to the office.  Inhalers are kept in sealed containers by the class teacher.

FORM 2- Parental request for child to self administer medication

FORM 3- Parental request for school staff to administer medication