Next Parent Council Meeting

There is no date set for the next meeting at present due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The meetings are an opportunity for you to highlight the important issues you would like Parent Council to tackle over the next year. If there are improvements that you think could be made, problems you think need to be addressed or any other issues that concern us as parents please come along and let us know.

The meetings normally take place in the main hall and children (including pre-school ones) will be kept busy in another part of the school to allow you to attend. You don't need to stay for the whole meeting if you don't want to, the first 30 minutes should be long enough to get your views.

Anyone who wants to be involved in Parent Council activities in the future at any level is most welcome and you can let us know what you would like to do. This rarely involves much time commitment (even from the elected members of Parent Council) and children love to see their parents getting involved.

If anyone is interested in taking up a role on Parent Council, elections will take place at the meeting for the positions of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.